NVA Summer Camp is open for registration

Important updated information you need to know.

(updated April 9)

weeks 1 & 2 are closed for registration

weeks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 are open for registration

We are looking forward to being back at Lake Forest College for 2021. The college has confirmed our space (and other groups) and anticipate getting things back to normal this summer!  


Please note there is always a chance we may need to run our summer camp program the same way we did last summer if the college does not permit groups on campus in June or July due to health guidelines or restrictions by the state.

With that in mind ... we are providing TWO Parent handbooks for 2021.

The first handbook is how we plan to operate this summer at Lake Forest College where we have been running camp for 20+ years.

The second handbook at the very bottom of this page is our "Back-up/ Plan B" which outlines how we will operate if the college is unable to accommodate us. There is also a video from last summer next to that handbook that will provide a snapshot of how we operated when many camps did not run.







click on image to view 2021 Parent handbook

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To get a quick snapshot of how each day works ... view our camp video from a few years ago ... 

Parent handbook on how we will operate if/when we need to run 2021 remotely. (Back-up Plan / Plan B)

Click here to watch our 2020 summer camp video