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Our 26-year old daughter Margo was born with Cerebral Palsy. When Margo was just 3 years old, we began several therapy programs to help her walk and function in a world that often forgets people with disabilities. 


During that time, we were disheartened to meet several families in the course of Margo's therapy who could not afford basic services and equipment for their children. Because of that, we formed The Margo Moreland Charitable Foundation to assist families in need provide their children with essentials (therapy, equipment, transportation) not covered by traditional insurance.


Our primary focus has been funding children to receive Conductive Education Therapy, a holistic approach to therapy that until recently was only available in Hungary and Poland. Happily, there are now three Conductive Education Therapy centers in the Chicago area. (The Center for Independence.).


Beyond covering the overhead of hosting our basketball event every other year, 100% of all donations go directly to families in need. Since 2002, The Margo Moreland Charitable Foundation has funded over $500,000 in grant requests for Conductive Education therapy services, as well as tuition and travel expenses for Conductive Education summer camp. We've also provided equipment for individuals and schools, and funded traditional therapies including horseback riding (hippo-therapy).

Kraig & Jennifer Moreland

2023 Margo Moreland Event

Follow-up / Update

Can't make it - but would still like to donate or sponsor a child?

margo moreland charitable foundation accepts donations year round. If you would like to make a donation, click on the kind below

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